WORK started recently on completing a “missing link” footpath on a busy road in Lydney.

Local district councillor James Bevan welcomed the move to create 60 metres of footpath between Crosshands Garage and the junction of Rodley Manor Way on Highfield Road.

He said work had started after nearly two years of campaigning to get a footpath on that section of Highfield Road.

Cllr Bevan (Ind, Lydney East) said: “It dismayed me to see young families with pushchairs having to risk life and limb using the roadway.

“ I am grateful to the support that my fellow ward councillors gave me recently to make this happen.”

He said he would now turn his attention to have traffic pinch points on Church Road removed.

The “hideous” chicanes impede traffic entering the Dean Academy and leisure centre.

Cllr Bevan said: “These chicane obstacles could be replaced with full width cushions and a blanket 20mph limit throughout the town, coupled with a Toucan crossing near the school pedestrian gate.

“Church Road is used as a rat run linking the by-pass into town so does need speed management.

“If full width cushions were introduced, it would also control speed in larger vehicles which the current chicanes do not.”