Following the success and popularity of their trail and exhibitions, the Forest-based farOpen group of artists were invited to show their Spring art exhibition at Canwood Gallery and Sculpture Garden

It took artists and volunteer committee members Gina Nell, Charlotte Keating, Sarah Delahoy, Grace Engel and Lisa Dear, two very long days to prepare artworks for the show which runs at the Hereford gallery until May 26.

They hung more than 120 pictures, placed 21 indoor sculptures, nine outdoor sculptures and arranged three lots of jewellery, four collections of ceramics and a gift shop of smaller artworks, cards and gifts.  

Although slightly out of their usual catchment area, farOpen relished the opportunity to show at this prestigious gallery in a stunning setting with views across the Herefordshire countryside. 

Unlike any venue farOpen artists have exhibited at before, the vast space of the turbine hall offered a unique opportunity to exhibit larger pieces of work and numerous sculptures from members as never seen before.

Charlotte Keating said: “We are thrilled with the results! Visitors are going to love it and items are already selling quickly.”

The vastness of the Turbine Hall has proved ideal for showcasing larger paintings and indoor sculptures with more outdoor sculptures carefully placed around the courtyard parking. 

The hanging team spent a good portion of their time laying out artwork from 46 artists across the floor before sorting them into colour themes and thoughtfully arranging them into ‘gallery wall’. 

Mark Lumley’s “The Divine Conjunction” steel sculptures, Michael Lawrence’s “Three Figures Dancing” in English Oak and Dorota Rapacz’s reliefs of “The Race”greet visitors as they cross the car park

In the Turbine hall there is an assortment of paintings, sculpture, textiles, printmaking, photography, jewellery and ceramics with plenty of smaller artwork, gifts, homeware and cards to choose from in the shop area. 

The exhibition showcases work by artists Ali Edgson, Antony Dufort, Charlotte Keating,Chris Champness, Deborah Phelps-Gane, Derek A.Lamb, Dirk Van Der Meyden, Dorota Rapacz, Eileen Waycott, Elaine Fowke, Elizabeth Heather Engel/Life on the Knoll, Emma O'Brennan-Pizer, Gina Nell, Grahame Morgan-Watson, Helen Crawford, Helen Louise Sandford, Jack Delahoy, Jane Foot, Jane Lorimer, Jennie Blunt, Jo Sterrick, Joanne Callaghan, John Sherahilo,Julie Sullivan, Kathryn Price, Kathy Priddis, Lindsay Reid, Lisa Dear, Mark Lumley, Maureen (Mo) Parker, Melanie Clarke, Michael Lawrence, Grace Engel, Monique Oliver, Nichola Goff, Patricia Homewood, Paula Smith, Sally Anne Tottle, Sara Ulyatt, Sarah Delahoy, Steve Gaskin, Steve Zimmerman, Susan Smith, Uschi Arens Price, Vanessa Burley and Wye Valley Flowers.