FORESTRY England has introduced new rules at the Cyril Hart Arboretum to reduce dog related incidents. 

Rangers caring for the arboretum have reported an increase in dog related issues including faeces not being picked up by owners and even attacks from loose dogs. 

The increase in free roaming dogs has become an attributing factor to visitors avoiding the arboretum altogether. 

The committee has now resorted to implementing a new rule at the arboretum asking dog owners to use a lead. It is hoped that by keeping dogs on a lead, owners will be more aware of where their dog is toileting, whilst also making other visitors feel safer. 

Recreation Manager for Forestry England in the Forest of Dean, Emily Ferguson, said: “We love dogs, most of our team are dog owners, and nothing beats a walk in the forest. We know that most people are respectful of others and have well-behaved dogs, but unfortunately, we can’t ignore the growing number of problems.” 

“Dogs are still very much welcome in the arboretum, but we ask that you respect our decision and keep them on a lead during your visit.” 

“Our job is to look after the arboretum, and make sure all visitors feel safe and welcome.” 

This new rule only applies to the arboretum and dogs are allowed to be let of leads elsewhere in the forest, however, the commission are advising dogs to always be kept under close control and that a lead should be used if dogs don’t always return when called.