Recently several people I know have suffered the reality of the NHS bed shortage.

One was on a trolley in a corridor for 18 hours, one had to travel out of our area as GRH was full and one had to spend two nights sleeping in a chair in a corridor because GRH had no vacant beds.

Add to this people waiting over 24 hours in an ambulance  and some people even passing away before getting through hospital doors (these incidents were not at GRH).

We have a situation where there are 13,000 patients ready to leave hospital but have nowhere to go (care home closures coming home to roost!).

We have too few NHS staff so the obvious answer is job losses when ‘The warehouse’ in Cinderford is built. We have a funding crisis so spending £20+million on an unwanted hospital is the answer? We have a critical shortage of hospital beds so obviously halving the number of beds in the Forest is the ideal solution? 

The NHS has so many managers now - each ‘primary health care trust’ is awash with them - all on nice fat salaries.

Because of a shortage of nurses the NHS employs agency nurses who can earn £500 to £1,500 a shift - that makes sense then! As the NHS will be paying more than that to the agencies when did it become necessary to have so many managers?

Why do we need theese primary health care trusts? We don’t - but the privatisation of the NHS is made easier by their existence. There is no question that privatisation is the current agenda. American companies are buying up GP surgeries all over Britain, no doubt in readiness for privatisation.

The people making these decisions (and spouting some pretty blatant lies) are on big fat salaries - most of us  saren’t.

This is I believe a crucial moment in time - we have to save the NHS as it stands.

This means no PGCT’s dump the layers of managers,  fund our community hospitals properly - stop the obscene waste which goes unchecked.

I’m speaking from an unformed stance - with several friends and relatives in the NHS who tell me of the utterly useless people placed in highly paid jobs.

One relative stated that once these idiots took control the NHS was doomed.

People wake up! Stand up!

And save our hospitals.

Name and address supplied.