WHAT an appalling situation the District Council is in.

The ruling Green Party openly refuse to do as instructed by residents.

In December 2023, they proposed a massive hike in parking charges and then asked residents for their opinion.

Hundreds of objectors came forward over email, social media and in person.

A huge petition was received and the MP, Mark Harper, also opposed it.

How did the Green Party respond to this uproar? By continuing to increase charges!

Never mind the feedback from local businesses. Never mind the impact on local High Streets. Never mind the hundreds of passionate objectors.

The only thing that mattered was making money and discouraging car travel.

The Green councillors even said the public needed ‘educating’ and accused the objectors of being ‘climate delayers’.

Shockingly, the Labour group also voted to increase these charges.

Councillors are supposed to be public servants. We are supposed to take instructions from our residents and implement their wishes directly. That’s the whole point of us being there.

We now face a situation where this principle no longer applies and green ideology trumps public opinion.

A very scary prospect indeed. Three years of this administration to go.”

Cllr Harry Ives (Con), Forest of Dean District Council, Lydney North