NEWENT Market House won’t be used as a wedding venue according to the town council.

Newent Town Council declined a request from a member of the public to use the 17th century building, on Market Square, for wedding ceremonies, this week.

Coun Roger Beard proposed looking into whether or not the historic building met the requirements for a civil marriage.

He said: “There are two questions here. Whether the building can be used for general public use and separately for civil weddings.

“I don’t think this building would satisfy the registrars but we need to ask that question before we can go any further.”

Deidre Morley, town council clerk, said: “I haven’t gone down that route as yet because there is also the issue that the building is open to the public and has recently been enhanced by the local history group and the stewards who open this building at weekends for the general public to view.”

Coun David Blick said: “Taking into account all the ramifications and everything we would need to make it available. I would like to move that we decline the request.”

The motion was carried by seven votes to two with two abstentions.

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