The M48 Severn Bridge has reopened after high winds overnight. The crossing had closed in both directions as a result of strong winds with a diversion over the newer Prince of Wales bridge in place.

By around 7.30 this morning the bridge had re-opened to traffic.

According to the National Highways Agency gusts above 40 knots (46mph), lead to the closure of the M48 Severn Bridge to all traffic until wind speeds have dropped.

If wind speeds exceed 70 knots (80mph), both the M48 crossing and the Prince of Wales Bridge are closed.

Traffic can still travel between England and Wales by following a diversion using the M5, M50, A40 and A449.

"Our number one priority is that everybody stays safe, whether they're a member of the public or part of our workforce," says the highways agency

"During windy conditions, the Severn Estuary can funnel strong gusts across the bridges, which can be hazardous to traffic.

"This is why we sometimes need to restrict access to the Severn Bridge for the safety of our road users. When this happens, we divert traffic on to the M4 Prince of Wales Bridge.

"The M4 Prince of Wales Bridge has barriers which reduce the effects of wind. The older M48 Severn Bridge doesn't have these barriers.