ITS been over a year since wild boar ravaged a Lydney play area and now residents fear it could happen again.

In November 2014, the normally tranquil Primrose Hill Mesne play area was left looking like a ploughed field after being damaged by feral boar.

Initially, Lydney Town Council proposed putting up a fence to protect the area but overturned their decision because of cost implication and siting of the fence.

Residents in the area, such as Clive Shaw and members of the Friends of the Mesne, have been waiting for something to be done ever since.

Mr Shaw said:“After the wild boar caused the damage at the mesne we held a meeting almost a year ago the town council agreed that they would put a fence up to keep the boar from getting onto the mesne.

“But Lydney Town Council overturned this decision. There’s nothing stopping the boar doing the damage again.”

Councillor Alan Preest said: “I sympathise with the problems in Primrose Hill and I recommend to all residents to attend the meeting at the Forest of Dean District Council on January 7 where the boar issue will be debated with representatives from the Forestry Commission."