A FOREST man has been found guilty of getting his daughter to write sexualised phrases in her handwriting practice book and “French’ kissing her and his son

The 49-year-old man, who cannot be named, will be sentenced by Judge Rupert Lowe on  May 6, after being found guilty by a jury of six men and six women following a four-day trial of four charges of sexually assaulting his son and daughter over a decade ago by kissing them, using his tongue, 

Prosecutor David Scutt said the evidence came to light when his former wife began tidying their daughter’s bedroom.

“From the girl’s bedroom the mother removed a lot of old paperwork and put them to one side prior to going through it for recycling,” said Mr Scutt.

“The next morning she went through this pile and came across a notebook with an adult’s handwriting with an instruction ‘copy what I write’.”

The phrases included “I love my Dad”, “My sex kitten” and “Give me a snog.”

When asked about it by her mother, the girl said it was her father and that she knew the expression “give me a snog”.

She her father kissed her regularly and her brother had been kissed in the same way.

The shocked mother called a friend for advice and as a result accompanied her daughter to the school the following morning and spoke with the headteacher, leaving the notebook for safe-keeping.

Social Services were immediately called in by the school and the children told specialists they had been kissed by their father.

The boy was more guarded in what he said but felt that the kissing had been inappropriate. 

The girl told police: “My Dad used to kiss me with his tongue in my mouth. I didn’t think this was normal, as my Mum never did it to me. I’m not really sure how often this happened but it was when we had done something good or got a certificate from school.”

Mr Scutt added: “The girl believes that the first time she was kissed inappropriately was when her mother had left the room. He had put his tongue inside her mouth and wiggled it around. She recalls telling her father that this made her feel uncomfortable, but he responded that this was perfectly normal. 

“The girl explains she didn’t tell anyone at the time because she felt scared and a bit embarrassed.”

Sarah Jenkins defending, said the man had kissed them on the cheek or their mouths but had never used his tongue and didn’t kiss them in the overtly sexual way.

Ms Jenkins said that the defendant says that the adult handwriting in the note book looked like his but was ‘slightly different’ and he denied writing the offending phrases. 

The defendant told the jury that all the allegations were fabricated and added: “The only thing I did was suck my son’s ear because of the way it stuck out when he wore glasses. That’s all that happened.

“It was just something I did as a term of affection and fun, He said this was ticklish. This only happened for a few seconds and he would always laugh out loud.

“That’s all that happened. Yes I have kissed both my son and daughter on the lips as parents do, but nothing more. I certainly didn’t put my tongue into their mouths to French kiss them. It just never happened.”

“I did write the phrase, ‘I love my Dad’ for her to copy, but I definitely would not have used the words ‘snog’ or ‘sex kitten’ as these are words I do not use.”