A SERIAL fundraiser from the Forest has thanked her supporters who helped raise £2,500 for four charities after auctioning off the job of chopping off her long white plait.

Liz Lloyd Nash, 69, parted ways with her long locks to raise the funds for causes close to her heart at a charity quiz event at Huntley Village Hall at the end of October.

She had initially set a target of raising £1,000 from the cut, but after achieving that amount by word of mouth in a matter of weeks, she pledged to keep going.

And now, those who took part in the charity quiz, the hair cut auction and sponsors in the local community have helped her to reach the £2,500 total amount.

She wishes to thank everyone that supported the fundraiser, which she said went “better than I could have expected!”

Liz, who has been raising money for charities for some 53 years, has donated her plait and a portion of the funds raised to the Little Princess Trust, which provides free real hair wigs to children and young people who have lost their own hair through illness.

She explained the fundraiser, which is her first since before the pandemic, came about after an unexpected comment from her husband, who had recently been showing signs of dementia.

She said: “He’s a little a bit older than me and it’s really not like him, but he turned to me one day, looked at my white plait and said ‘You ought to get your hair cut, it’s starting to make you look a bit old’!

“Luckily for him he survived that comment but I thought, how can I raise a bit of money out of this?

“So I phoned the Little Princess Trust and they said they were always looking for white hair.”

Liz also chose to donate some of the funds to Great Oaks Dean Forest Hospice and St Michael’s Hospice in Hereford, which is close to the hearts of members of her Ross-based bridge club.

Some of the monies also went to Macmillan Cancer Support, which Huntley’s quizmaster and host of the charity event often fundraises for.

Liz has gone above and beyond over the years to support a number of good causes, including spending nights out on the streets to raise money for the homeless and hosting countless events such as car boot sales, a bonus ball and quizzes for various charities.

Her next fundraiser has already begun, as she is currently collecting funds to purchase food to donate to the Forest Foodbank.