BREAM rider Stewart Gould has asked us to thank the un-named police woman who walked his horse home after he was injured in an incident with a mountain biker in Parkend.

Mr Gould was riding his 17.2 hands mount Zam on tracks near Parkend on Boxing Day when the horse was spooked by a mountain biker cutting across his path.

He was thrown of, suffering cuts, whiplash and suspected concussion and was then taken to hospital for treatment.

His wife Ann said: “He was incredibly lucky to get off so lightly. His helmet was completely smashed - if he had not been wearing it he would be dead.

“The mountain biker who spooked the horse rode off without stopping but fortunately another cyclist stopped, phoned the emergency services and waited with Stewart till they arrived. He was fantastic.

“But we really want to thank the woman police officer who walked Zam back home for us. I think she’s called Cath but I don’t know any more."