CHILDREN at Huntley Primary School were delighted to unveil their new playground equipment, thanks to a generous donation from the owners of the village garage.

Emma and Aston Gardner from Gardner Garage on Ross Road visited the school to see the new equipment and meet with children from the school council. 

The children proudly showed off the new equipment and presented Emma and Aston with a thank-you card and drawings that they had made.

The new playground equipment replaces an old wooden boat that had rotted away and could no longer be used. 

The new equipment includes a slide, tunnel, and cargo net.

Headteacher Mrs Ella Curtis said: “We are so grateful to Gardner Garage for their donation. 

“Without their generosity, we would not have been able to replace the old equipment and provide our children with this new and exciting playground.”

Emma Gardner said, “We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the school.

Mrs. Curtis and the children of the school council were delightful and welcoming. 

“We are so proud to be a part of their joy with their new play equipment and were extremely touched by the thank-you card and drawings.”

Mrs Curtis added: “The new playground equipment was installed by J. Matthews Landscaping, who did an incredible job over the summer getting it ready for the start of the term.