GLOUCESTERSHIRE saw “at least double” the usual rainfall it expected in March according to the Met Office. 

The Met Office said: “The UK experienced 27% more rainfall than an average March, with much of this concentrated in the south. 

A number of counties saw at least double the amount of rainfall they would expect for the month, including Cornwall, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire.”

Meanwhile, Lydney’s rainfall figures for the year have been revealed with a total of 1291mm, recorded from March 2023 to March 2024. 

The data was provided by Roy Haviland, a Forester who has been recording weather in Lydney since 1985. Last month, he recorded 130mm of rainfall for the town, only a slight drop from 173mm in February.

Met Office Scientist Emily Carlisle said: “Many will remember how wet March has been, with a succession of fronts and the influence of low pressure seemingly never too far away from the UK. 

Coming off the back of a wet winter and what has been a wet start to the year, many areas have very saturated ground, which has increased the sensitivity to rainfall events in recent weeks.” 

The Forest of Dean District Council has flooding advice for Foresters online. They say to sign up for flood alerts on the Government’s website, get home insurance and create a personal flood plan.