FORESTERS are praising an 11-year-old boy, who has been raising money for the Forest-based charity Toucan For Children. 

On April 20, Hartley Cunard completed his own devised “all the twos for Toucan” challenge, which involved cycling 2.8 miles, swimming 20 lengths in the pool, walking two miles up the Kymin, performing 22 kick-ups with a football, kicking the football 2.9 miles down to Redbrook and then attempting to score 22 goals. 

Hartley, a previous attendee with Toucan For Children felt so positively impacted by the charity, that he decided to ask his parents for help raising money, so other children can have the same opportunities as he did.

The young boy set up a JustGiving page for people to donate to his cause. So far (April 30), he has raised £779 of his £1,000 goal.

Taking to the page, Hartley said: “I'm passionate about supporting Toucan for Children because I believe every child deserves access to the support and therapy they need to thrive. 

“Toucan provides a safe and nurturing environment where children can express themselves and work through challenges with the help of play therapy.

“Toucan has done so much for me and I really want other children and families to know about all that they offer.

“Your support means the world to me and to the children who benefit from Toucan for Children's services. 

“By donating to my fundraiser, you'll be making a direct impact on the lives of children in our community, helping them to build resilience, confidence, and emotional wellbeing.

“No donation is too small, and every penny counts. Together, let's make a difference! Thank you for joining me on this journey and for supporting Toucan for Children.” 

Toucan For Children is a charity based in Mitcheldean with another office in Gloucestershire. They provide play therapy for children for a variety of reasons, including trauma, anxiety, struggles with peer relationships in school and even support during Covid. 

Hartley’s challenge is the first of its kind. Sacha Merrett, Admin Clerk for Toucan for Children said: “We received an email from his mum that said ‘this is what Hartley has decided to do for you’ and he thought up the two-for-Toucan all by himself.

“For such a young child, for him to have that kindness in his heart to feel that we have helped him that much, he wants to give back to us in that way is just wonderful. It means that the jobs that all the therapists are doing here are getting the right outcome. 

“We’re helping children feel much better and progressing their life which they might not have had in the beginning. We’re just so proud of him and so grateful that he’s decided to do that for us. 

“For just eleven years old, he’s planned all that and done all that and even done it on his own birthday! He’s so selfless, so lovely.” 

Praise for the young boy was also provided by Foresters and others after making donations. Comments such as “Amazing effort Hartley! Congratulations on your achievement” and “Wow Hartley you are amazing” can be seen on his fundraising page.

If you wish to help, you can donate to Hartley’s JustGiving page, share his story via social media or word of mouth or get in contact with Toucan For Children

Should the £1,000 goal be met, Toucan For Children will be able to use it for a full therapy package for a family whose child would benefit from therapy, but are financially unable to provide it. 

You can find out more about Toucan For Children via their website or by checking their Facebook page for updates.

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