PEOPLE in Abergavenny are to be asked for their views on reintroducing sea eagles along the Gwent coast.

Eagle Reintroduction Wales, a Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust project, is working with the Gwent Wildlife Trust to find out what the public thinks of reintroducing the the White-Tailed Eagle.

A series of drop-in meetings will be – including one at the Melville Centre on May 29 – to encourage support for the project and to identify and resolve any concerns.

People will also be able to complete an online survey to give their opinions.

Dr Sophie-lee Williams, ERW’s Founder and Project Officer leading the research said: “A key focus of this questionnaire is to capture and understand the current awareness, knowledge and attitudes to White-tailed Eagles and their return to Wales, why opinions vary and whether they differ between communities. 

“Taking part will help inform decisions regarding the future return of White-tailed Eagles to Wales.”

The birds, which have a wingspan of up to 240cms (nearly eight feet), were last seen over the Severn in the late 19th century.

They were driven to extinction in the UK in the early part of the 20th century but were reintroduced and can now be seen across northern Scotland and the coasts of southern England and East Anglia.

To complete the survey visit: