Coalway Junior School on 63 Coalway Road, Coleford has once again demonstrated commendable performance, as confirmed by the recent Ofsted inspection held on 23 and 24 May 2023. Maintaining its 'Good' rating across all categories, the school has once more proven its commitment to the education and personal development of its pupils.

The pupils at Coalway Junior School enjoy a nurturing environment underpinned by a comprehensive personal development programme, well-structured curriculum and high staff expectations of learning and behaviour. Furthermore, Coalway's active engagement with the wider community through a series of field trips and visitor-led workshops continues to ignite pupils' passion for lifelong learning.

In a school where safety and well-being are paramount, Coalway prides itself on creating a secure environment where pupils feel confident and their concerns are promptly addressed by the leaders. The efforts to foster an inclusive learning space were also applauded, with commendations given to the staff for their adept support of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

The report highlighted the school's strategic focus on reading skills, as leaders have innovatively improved how pupils learn to read. These improvements, combined with engaging reading events and competitions, have fostered a palpable love for reading among the students.

Moreover, the school's response to the pandemic was highly regarded, with effective curriculum adjustments made to fill gaps in learning. An evident emphasis on pupil attendance post-COVID-19 has resulted in notable improvements in this area.

However, Ofsted also recommended that the school make improvements in certain foundation subjects, encouraging leaders to further define the learning objectives to enhance pupils' understanding and knowledge.

Coalway Junior School, led by Headteacher Fay White, caters to a vibrant mix of 218 pupils aged 7 to 11. Staff reportedly express immense pride in their association with the school, citing supportive leadership as a key reason for their contentment. The governing body, chaired by Caroline Merritt, continues to ensure the school's adherence to the rigorous standards set out by Ofsted, thereby safeguarding the well-being and success of all pupils.

Safeguarding at Coalway was deemed effective with comprehensive training for staff, meticulous staff recruitment procedures, and an effective personal development curriculum that teaches pupils about safety.

Parents and carers, alongside the pupils, can feedback their views through Ofsted Parent View. Their perspectives remain crucial to informing Ofsted's decision on inspection timings and focus.

The full report, complete with additional information, is available on the Ofsted website for those interested in delving deeper into the school's performance.