The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert for the River Wye, warning that heavy rainfall will likely lead to flooding of properties, roads, and farmland. The alert specifies that Ross-on-Wye could experience river levels peaking between 3.5m to 3.7m on Thursday afternoon, while Lydbrook could see levels of 4.0m to 4.2m by Thursday evening.

The Agency stated: "River levels are rising at the Ross-On-Wye river gauge as a result of heavy rainfall. Consequently, flooding of property, roads and farmland is expected to begin overnight tonight (Wednesday, September 20). We expect flooding to affect low lying land and roads along the River Wye." They added that they anticipate the river levels "to remain high until Friday (September 22)."

Local residents are advised to steer clear of low lying footpaths near watercourses and to avoid contact with flood water. The situation is being closely monitored by the Environment Agency. With the predicted peaks expected to impact Ross-on-Wye and Lydbrook, residents in those areas should take immediate precautions.