PLANS for an RFU-funded artificial grass pitch at Drybrook have finally been canned, the club’s chairman has confirmed.

The scheme for an all-weather playing surface to be used by the Forest rugby community was first revealed in October at a meeting held by RFU officials at Drybrook’s Mannings ground clubhouse.

But a lack of support from other rugby clubs in the Forest for the £850,000 plan have killed hopes of the facility arriving in the Dean.

Drybrook chairman Chris Rawlings bemoaned a ’missed opportunity’ for the Forest community.

“The site passed everything, it was the only place they felt they could put it,” said club chairman Chris Rawlings.

“But there was not enough support for it from other local rugby clubs.

“It seemed like too many couldn’t get over the scenario of it being at Drybrook.

“There’s a lot of rivalry in the Forest and it seems like that’s what’s killed it off.

“There was plenty of support for it from local football clubs who could have also used it and it would have been great to have a second artificial surface with the one at Forest High School in Cinderford.

“But you can’t do contact training on that surface. It’s a massive shame and definitely a missed opportunity for the area.”