Letter to the Editor: The magazine CapX reports: “More optimistic still is Sir Keir Starmer’s apparent shift, with his promise to ‘make Labour the party of housebuilding by relaxing planning restrictions and allowing more homes to be built on the Green Belt.”

Given the furore of thousands of homes to be built in Churcham and elsewhere in the Forest of Dean last year, I am assuming Labour has no interest in gaining any seats here.

Sir Keir could have suggested that ex-industrial sites all across the country of which there are quite a few in the Forest of Dean should be the first to be considered for housing. 

Perhaps Labour would have a had a chance then.

Wishing Sir Keir well and I hope Labour and all other political parties look at housing which is much needed as an essential necessity and take the opportunity to clean up the many ex-industrial sites and build much needed-housing.

Venk Shenoi, Blaisdon