Letter to the Editor: Wow, yet another public inquiry.

The “Post Office scandal” to be “the Fujitsu scandal” as the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak now has publicly turned the spotlight away from the Post Office and the blame for all that went on.

The lies, the bullying, the unfair pressure brought to bare on individuals, the shame, the financial loss to individuals, the imprisonment of innocent people going about their very committed service to their communities, the harassment by intolerant and shameful locals. The list of disgusting falsehoods goes on and on. 

Did the Post Office know this was all happening because they failed to install a multi million pound system that was not fit for purpose. What do you think?

The blame for all this in my mind sits with the Post Office and its senior executives. 

Will there be prosecutions? Probably not as these people are political animals and as such will have plenty of support from government and ministers who themselves are perhaps up for scrutiny for their own wrong doings and failures

Failure and wrong doing seem to go hand in hand with honours. 

The government must have known after 25 years that something was wrong and yet still the head of the Post Office gets CBE in the honours list. 

She now has a top job looking after the NHS. Watch this space methinks.

And who pays for these disgusting failures? You probably guessed it – the tax payer

There are currently 14 active statutory public inquiries in the UK. 

Recent examples include the Grenfell Tower inquiry, the independent blood inquiry and the Covid-19 inquiry.

Does this not point to systemic failure by government and public bodies “to do the right thing.”

There seems to be a culture of if we make mistakes what the hell, we can cover them up. And if we can avoid scrutiny for as many years as possible the public will understand that it was in the past and it gives us time to mitigate the impacts.

The cost of public inquiries over the last 20 years has been in the region of £630,000,000

Paid for by you and me.

I am sure that there are good honest, dedicated people who take up public office only to be drawn into the snake pit of lies and deceit for the sake of power and money. 

Millions of words will be written about this latest scandal, but what people want is to see equal justice for all.

Will we get it, whilst we have a Parliamentary system that has mantra “of the people for the people”. 

That displays are corrupt and focused actuality of “of myself for myself.

Robert Harris, Berry Hill