Letter to the Editor: Can our situation in this country get any worse?

Most of our critical services are on, or planning to strike for better pay and conditions. 

You only have to listen to the news to keep upto date with the next organisation planning to strike.

The utility companies are ripping us off with inflated prices and standing charges (which by the way can in the summer months be more than your usage). 

We are spending hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money on investigating the lies and corruption in Parliament, instead of putting money into our infrastructure that is falling apart.

Prices are through the roof, the inefficient water companies who are wasting water by not plugging the leaks are also polluting our rivers and waterway with sewerage whilst running up debts of £60billion pounds and are now threating to increase our payments by 40 per cent. 

“Where are the regulators”!!! 

How these major foreign-owned companies who are paying huge dividends to their investors are getting away with these huge losses at the expense of providing a good service is beyond me.

MPs are fed up with the whole system and resigning from Parliament, blaming civil servants with all sorts of ills. 

Illegal immigration is out of control. We do as a country have a duty to people who are displaced because of wars and when they are threatened by despotic rulers etc.

But again, for the life of me, we cannot stop these people traffickers from putting these poor people into small boats and sending them out into dangerous waters.

Political will at both ends of the supply chain is missing.

You can’t tell me that the authorities do not know who these criminal gangs are and where they operate from.

I have noticed that the way forward is to blame everybody else for our ills.

This government has been in power for the last 13 years – yes 13 years – and are now blaming the previous government for their poor performance.

Come on, they need to start being honest with the people of this country.

I do not think personally that the current government want to win the next election as they have made such a mess of running things to date and don’t know which way to turn, making poor decisions and making things worse.

You could get the feeling that MPs are in it for themselves and have forgotten why they wanted to make changes for the good of everybody.

I have said that many times in the past Parliamentary democracy is not working for the good of the people and needs to change.  

Robert Harris, via e-mail