LAST year the Conservative Government was successful in halving inflation from its peak of 11.1 per cent to 4 per cent, however, we recognise that organisations across the UK, including many local authorities, are facing cost pressures due to the after-effects of Covid and the war in Ukraine.

That is why we are sticking to the plan, continuing to drive down inflation and ensuring local authorities in England have the long-term funding they need by making available up to £64.7 billion through this year’s Local Government Finance Settlement.

This represents an increase in councils’ Core Spending Power of up to £4.5 billion, including £1.5 billion of additional funding for adult social care and additional support for rural authorities.

On a local level, the Forest of Dean District Council (FODDC), which is responsible for services such as planning, bin collection and recycling, housing and the management of car parks is set to see an increase to their budget of 5.8 per cent, meaning they will have a core spending power of £11.1 million for the 2024-25 financial year.

Gloucestershire County Council, which is responsible for the maintenance of local highways, adult social care, local transport, education and libraries will see a 7.5 per cent increase to their budgets, giving them a core spending power of £579.8 million.

This increase in funding will enable councils to provide vital services for residents while helping them to manage their finances for the long term, securing a brighter future for taxpayers.

Residents will also remain protected from excessive council tax increases thanks to Conservative reforms, ensuring local authorities cannot impose sudden and unexpected rises in council tax on local people without a referendum.

This additional funding comes on top of the Forest of Dean’s £20 million of Levelling Up funding and the UK Government’s £2.6 billion Shared Prosperity Fund, of which the FODDC has received £1 million.

These investments are improving local and civic infrastructure across the Forest of Dean and supporting our communities as the Conservative Government sticks to the plan to deliver a brighter future for all.

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