Letter to the Editor: A motion calling on the District Council to publish guidelines and advance notice of motocross events was voted down at December’s full council meeting. 

This must be disheartening for residents and businesses at Awre village. 

Residents at Awre have twice recently endured a whole day of loud noise from motorbikes, when a motocross event has taken place right next to their homes. 

What makes it worse is that no notice is given, so residents have no idea when it will happen again. 

It was disappointing that the Conservative councillor (the other Councillor representing Awre alongside Cllr Packer (Green) who presented the motion) voted against the motion. 

It must be left to readers to ask why some councillors could not support measures to encourage organisers to cooperate with the District Council on the organisation of notocross events…

Sid Phelps, Forest of Dean Green Party.