Rewilding not so good for dog owners

must commend Micheldean and other Parish Councils for the initiative of Rewilding public areas.

In Mitcheldean, the previous Dog Exercise Area has now attracted butterflies, monkjack deer and wild boar.

Whilst Nature has been attracted and benefitted, the walking of dogs in the area is now something to reconsider carefully.

I have observed dogs chasing the deer, and thanks to the mowed pathway, plenty of uprooted soil from the boar.

No doubt it won't be long before their residency is evident on the adjacent playing field. I am sure that the local Councils have also ensured that their Public Liability Insurance is adequate to cover claims should a dog or indeed a member of the public be injured by a boar protecting their offspring.

The rewilding of the roadside is also being heralded by the flytipping community, as the longer grass and brambles are hiding the evidence of their activities.

A Concerned Dog Owner.

Centre needs volunteers

We are members and volunteers of The Forest Road Centre in Cinderford.

We’d like to place a call out to all past and present members and anyone else interested in the future of the community centre.

Can you come along to our AGM on Monday,July 15 at The Forest Road Centre at 6pm?

We have a fantastic space that is so under-used.

We are hosting a playgroup, job club, band rehearsals, art therapy sessions and F.R.E.D. – the Forest Read Easy Deal.

BUT there is plenty more we could do at the centre. However we just need the community to get involved.

The centre is completely run by volunteers and we would welcome any help and support.

We’d love to see you at the meeting on the 15th.

Thank you for your time

Vanessa Stratford, Forest Road Centre, Cinderford.

Get the kettle on to help beat breast cancer

Breast Cancer Now’s Afternoon Tea is back this August, and I can’t wait to dust off my whisk and stick the kettle on to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer Now. Will you join me?

Every 10 minutes, someone in the UK hears the words “you have breast cancer”.

Sadly, I lost my dear mum Jane to breast cancer when she was just 56.

Years later, when I found a lump while breastfeeding my daughter Liberty, I wasted no time getting it checked out.

Hearing I had the same disease as my mum was devastating, but the advances in treatment since my mum’s diagnosis meant I recovered and could be there for my little girl as she grew up.

Only breast cancer wasn’t done with me yet, and in February 2023 I was diagnosed again in my other breast. Luckily this tumour was caught early, so my treatment has been successful.

It’s been a tough journey, especially for Liberty who is older now and understands so much more - which is why we’ve decided to host an Afternoon Tea for Breast Cancer Now.

Every day, Breast Cancer Now’s research brings us closer to finding new treatments and a future where everyone with breast cancer lives and is supported to live well. That’s a world where Liberty and I can be together for many more years to come. But they can’t do it without your support.

By joining us, you can raise money that helps provide expert health information, fund cutting-edge research projects and give someone like me much-needed reassurance from specialist nurses on Breast Cancer Now’s free helpline, which can make all the difference.

So, why not get your friends together and host an Afternoon Tea this August by signing up for your fundraising kit now at:

Lucy Preston, living beyond breast cancer

On behalf of Breast Cancer Now