A response to Cllr Topping.

I was looking at your explanation for the increased parking charges.

I understand you need to do what is necessary however worth looking back how things were before introduction of parking charges in 2007.

Parking charges were introduced (nominal 20p/hr) as this was being done by the County Council.

In fact the County managed parking across Gloucestershire through contractors at the time.

The Forest of Dean strictly speaking did not need charged parking spaces.

We can go back to the situation that existed in 2007.

Nobody was inconvenienced. As an example the large space around the shopping area in Coleford functioned quite well without any charge.

Even today one can go around the FoD and find plenty of free parking places in all parts of the district.

As you say, there are plenty of free spaces even today.

I have not yet paid any parking charge over the years and have always found free parking.

Given the situation, charging and paying contractors to manage parking spaces costs money and the council have been losing money since 2007. As reported £15,000/year now.

Best to go back to the pre-charging (2007) times and scrap all charges and contractors – you will benefit politically from such a step and also save money for the Council Tax payers.

Venk Shenoi, Blaisdon.