Letter to the Editor: I refer to the interesting question from Gethyn Davies.

In simple terms a lorry driver offering safe passage to migrants for a £1,000 charge is a criminal and needs to be fined or otherwise punished.

Whereas those saving boat-people from drowning are risking their own lives saving drowning people. 

Also Britain has a statutory duty to save one and all falling into the sea whatever the motives of those sailing in the dinghies are.

Law of the sea says those falling into the sea should be saved where possible. 

However I don’t have a clue why British life-boats plan ahead and keep on the look-out for the boat people just in case their services are needed when/if the boats sink in British waters. 

Many are just picked up mid-stream before the boats sink and brought ashore.

I note the life-boats take warm clothing, life jackets, and safety equipment in large numbers, which signify they are planning in advance to pick up the boat people – not just responding to emergency.

I am also amazed the boat people are fully equipped with modern mobile phones and numbers to call for help from the middle of their crossing. 

I bet they also come prepared with contacts for UK legal assistance (free) needed to prove they are facing death if they were sent back to where they came from. 

Easy-money for the lawyers and charities engaged in assisting these migrants.

Personally I would stay put and allow a few boats and their illegal cargos to sink. 

That should send a message to prospective Channel crossers that Britain is not a safe-country to travel to. 

Also have basic refugee camps (tents) where the arriving illegal migrants can be consigned and kept locked up until they decide to return to where they came from.

Venk Shenoi, Blaisdon