Letter to the Editor: I feel that the problem of the sub-standard building blocks will soon pass and your wish to be back in school will be granted.

On Monday, September 4 a TV newscaster suggested that Churches and other buildings could be temporarily used as classrooms (as if this has not been going on since the distant past when Crocodiles came out of the Primaeval Swamp).

A Government Spokesman said Buildings are not “Important”. WE teachers will disagree!

Yet this is why your children (kids) may be in a school with wooden extensions tacked on as and when the intake increases. 

Or maybe with flat roofs on top and buckets to catch the drips inside. WE are not that “Important”.

This also shows in the poor quality and quantity of the school meals provided, and inappropriate material being fed to young minds and the falling standards of spoken English and literacy and acceptance of bad behaviour in some cases. 

S Mills, Ruardean