Letter to the Editor: On Saturday 18th February I witnessed a gathering of about 20 people in the Newerne Street car park Lydney complete with bells drums and whistles who duly marched with their instruments playing into the area of Newerne Street by the pedestrian crossing. 

I wouldn’t say they were tuneful but they had immaculate rhythm. 

I was handed a leaflet inviting me, and according to the leaflet 100,000 others to a demonstration to ‘stop fossil fuels’ at the Houses of Parliament starting on Friday 21st April and beyond. 

The small print on this leaflet advised me that it was the work of Extinction Rebellion- Forest of Dean. 

In conversation with the leaflet distributor I asked where the ‘band’ had travelled from. 

Various parts of the Forest of Dean, I was told. 

And how do you intend to travel to London for your demonstration I asked. By coach, came the reply. 

And is it an electric coach? I asked. No, it’s diesel obviously came the reply. 

There were no electric cars in the car park so the band and their instruments had travelled most likely to Lydney by petrol or diesel car. 

All in all not a particularly good advert for their cause in either respect. 

The old saying “ practice what you preach” springs to mind. 

No doubt they will bring London to a standstill on their chosen days and cause far more pollution including the rubbish they leave behind, just to satisfy their own misguided egos of calling for the rest of us to ‘Go Green’ whilst causing untold extra pollution and misery in our capital city.

I suppose it’s too much to pray for torrential rain that day!

Edward Kynaston

The Millrough, Lydney