Letter to the Editor: I refer to David Parry’s letter.

I would suggest Mr Parry reads the July 1, Spectator article by  Lionel Shriver entitled  ‘The unspeakable truth about housing’.

UK’s housing shortage is overwhelmingly caused by high rates of immigration.

Interesting to note that UK Judges are helping migration – today’s ruling that  ‘Rwanda cannot be considered a safe third country’ for sending illegal migrants’ would be welcome news for the so-called human rights groups but bad news for the rest of the British people.

As reported in the Spectator UK fertility has been below replacement rate for a startling 50 years. 

That helps explain why over the course of 25 of those years, 1973-1998, the population only grew from 56 million to 58.5 million. 

But in the next 25 years, UK population rose to nearly 68 million: 9.5 million new people in a generation. 

Immigrants have high birth rates. 

Half of the social housing in London is occupied by immigrant-led households.

This week, a government impact statement estimates that within three years the bill for housing asylum seekers is on track to multiply by five times to £30 million a day, or £11 billion a year. 

Indeed, one of the biggest pull factors drawing migrants from Calais is that France doesn’t provide uninvited visitors housing in the way that Britain does. ‘

Mr Parry should look around British cities and the numbers of foreign born families filling the streets.

I am not British born myself and came to this country in the 1960’s when there was need for trained professionals. 

I did not have any problem integrating.

The situation over the past decades is not conducive to communal harmony with multiple ethnic, religious and cultural groups living in their separate ghettos.

Multiculturalism has destroyed British social harmony.

At this rate British society will disintegrate and will no longer be British in a few decades when the population would also explode if current rates of immigration and high birth rates amongst immigrant communities continues.

Venk Shenoi, Blaisdon