Friends of the Lower Wye held an eveningfarm tour on Ben Taylor-Davies’ regenerative farm near Ross-on-Wye along with Action on Climate Emergency (ACE) Monmouth.

Regenerative farming is about reducing pesticide use, improving soil health, reducing our carbon footprint, looking after the environment and producing nutrient dense high welfare food.

Ben farms over 500 acres and has a mix of animals and arable and everything works in harmony with nature.

Over 50 people enjoyed a lovely evening, with many calling Ben ‘inspirational’, ‘so enthusiastic and knowledgeable’.

Many on the walk also asked why all farming was not done this way, as Ben has proved it is possible and profitable’.

Mike Dunsbee, co-founder of Friends of the Lower Wye said: “We believe that all land beside the River Wye and its tributaries should be farmed using regenerative methods, as this would stop a majority of runoff into the water, thus saving soil erosion and pollution”.

If you would like to learn more about Regenerative Farming visit: