A 15-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl killed her new born baby boy by putting cotton wool down his throat, a jury was told.

Paris Mayo, now 19, is accused of murdering the infant at her family’s Springfield Avenue home in Ross-on-Wye after giving birth alone “suddenly and unexpectedly” on March 23, 2019.

Mayo, now of Ruardean, denies the charge at Worcester Crown Court.

Opening the prosecution case, Jonas Hankin KC said Mayo gave birth in the living room around 9.30pm while her parents were upstairs.

She then assaulted the baby, causing fractures to both sides of the skull and a severe brain injury, consistent with those suffered in a car crash.

Some two hours later “realising the baby was still alive”, the defendant stuffed pieces of cotton wool into his mouth before placing the baby in a bin bag and leaving him outside on the front doorstep, he told the court.

Next morning, Mayo texted her older brother George, who had returned home from a night out, asking him to put the black bin bag into the bin, the jury heard.

But when he found it and looked inside, his mother screamed “there’s a baby in the bag”, the court heard.

The jury were given a detailed plan of the family home, and the prosecutor said: “The birth took place in the living room of the family home where Miss Mayo lived with her parents and brother George.

“She was alone and delivered the baby unaided while her unwell father was upstairs having dialysis being overseen by her mother.

“Following delivery the defendant assaulted the baby to the upper front left and right side of his head causing a severe brain injury.

“Approximately two hours later, realising the baby was still alive, she stuffed pieces of cotton wool into his mouth, throat and neck.

“She put the baby’s body inside a bin bag and deposited it on the front doorstep before going up to bed.”

After her shocked mother found the baby’s body next morning, the prosecutor said she called emergency services saying her daughter had given birth.

“She was heard saying, “You could have told me darling. Poor baby. Why didn’t you tell me?”,” he told jurors.

The defendant, who the court heard was a pupil at John Kyrle High School, later told a paramedic: “The baby did not seem right. She was hoping her mum would think the baby was rubbish and throw it out,” said the prosecutor.

Mayo told emergency staff she was unaware she was pregnant, and the baby, posthumously named Stanley, had fallen out onto the tiled floor.

She claimed that after giving birth the baby was not moving or breathing and she had used cotton wool to clean up “stuff coming out of its mouth”.

In an ambulance on the way to hospital, Mayo was heard saying “Is it my fault? Did I do this?”, and “It’s my fault, it’s my fault.”

At Hereford County Hospital when a baby cried, a police officer heard her say ‘I hate the new-born cry’, added the prosecutor.

An autopsy revealed that the cause of death was suffocation due to a piece of cotton wool blocking the oesophagus.

“The prosecution says that the defendant killed the baby to prevent the discovery of her pregnancy and his birth,” said Mr Hankin.

On Monday, the court was played the 999 call made by Mayo’s mother, who was heard sobbing uncontrollably.

Her 20-year-old brother told the court he didn’t know his sister was pregnant and had returned home around 10.30pm after running an errand to see blood.

He spoke through a door to his sister, who told him she had ‘bled heavily’ and not to come in to the sitting room.

“I had a feeling something wasn’t right. I didn’t sleep very well,” he said.

Next morning, he received a text from her saying: “Can you put the black bag in the bin, as it’s just full of sick from last night, pls?”

But it was “unusually heavy” with blood underneath and he opened it to find the dead baby, the court heard.

Jurors have also been told that their father, who had been upstairs undergoing dialysis, died 10 days after the incident.

The case, which began last week, is expected to last up to six weeks.