AROUND 100 people – many dressed as superheroes – gathered on Saturday (April 6) for a sponsored walk to help the family of a toddler recently diagnosed with leukaemia.

The family of three-year-old Hallie Sheppard of Cinderford were given the devastating news some six weeks ago – but since then the community has rallied around to help them.

A fund-raiser was set up and several targets have been smashed and it now stands at more than £12,000.

The “Hallie’s Superheroes” five-kilometre walk around Forestry England’s Beechenhurst site was the first major event of the fund-raising.

People are also being asked to sign up as blood donors as blood donation will be a vital element in Hallie’s recovery.

Heidi Kibble, who helped set up the fund-raiser, said: “We started off as a group of friends wanting to support Hallie and her parents Nina and Colin.

“We set up the page on March 8 with a target of £750, the donations just kept coming in and we realised then at that moment this is going to be bigger than we first thought. 

“We increased the target not wanting it to seem daunting but then on March 16 we hit £10,000.

“Hallie is a super sweet, sassy, brave,  three-year-old who has recently been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). 

“Life has gone from jumping in puddles, walks in the woods, playing with friends to hospitals, medicine, nurses and doctors along with the other realities which come with chemotherapy. 

“Hallie, who should be using endless bubbles of energy running around being a kid, is instead facing the biggest fight of all, which she and her family are determined to win.

“Everyone is in a little disbelief but also determined to make this go further, to raise awareness of childhood cancer and blood donation at the same time as financially supporting this wonderful family. 

“The sponsored walk was the first of many fundraising events we will be organising, it was a huge success with an incredible community supporting, the go fund me page now sits at over £13,200. “We hope to continue raising money for Hallie and her family and we welcome any of the community to join us at these events. 

“As Hallie begins her challenging two-year journey of treatment and recovery, her family will be faced with inevitable emotional strain and financial challenges while navigating this path, replacing childhood as we know it with the hospital visits for chemotherapy, lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirations or blood transfusion. 

“Hallie's inspiring spirit and infectious smile have touched the hearts of everyone who knows her. 

“Nina and Colin, Hallie’s parents both work full time which now means significantly reduced household income as they put on their brave faces and smiles for Hallie during her fight. 

“Now, it's our turn to rally together and provide the support her family needs during this difficult time.

“Donations will cover the regular travels to and from the hospital, the overnight stays, soft clothes for Hallie’s delicate skin, day-to-day living costs which will inevitably rise as Hallie’s needs increase and treats for Hallie along the way. 

There will be unknown challenges along the way. We can ease the financial stress on Hallie's family, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: Hallies health and well-being. Every donation, no matter the size, will make a difference in Hallie's life and bring hope to her family.

To make a donation, visit and search for “Hallies fight against leukaemia” or to find out moire about blood donation visit