CAROLINE Roberts, the Cinderford woman who survived being kept a virtual prisoner by mass murderers Fred and Rose West, has died. She had been suffering from cancer.

Caroline 61, was 16 when she hitched a ride with Fred and Rose West and subsequently took a job as their nanny.

Weeks after she quit, the Wests picked her up again and took her back to Cromwell Street where she was subjected to horrific sexual abuse.

Caroline escaped. The Wests went on to kill at least 10 women. Caroline is the only victim of the Wests known to have survived. She later described her ordeal in the books ‘The Lost Girl’ and ‘The One That Got Away’.

Andy Jones, who runs the Crime Through Time museum at Littledean Jail, paid tribute to Caroline’s courage in dealing with her abuse by the Wests.

“I have known Caroline personally for many years and she was a very brave, kind, thoughtful and forgiving woman,” he said.

“She always said she forgave Fred and Rose and she wanted to speak to Rose and the children, but sadly that never happened.

“Caroline was always a much-loved lady and mother who had survived appalling torture and abuse at the hands of evil serial killers Fred and Rose West.

“But she would never shy away from telling her traumatic life story and always felt a strong sense of guilt that she survived while many other did not.

“In fact Caroline was the main reason I put on a Fred and Rose West display at the museum because she felt that this story needed to be told.

“Her illness was very swift as she was only diagnosed a few weeks ago. It is very very sad but she is at peace now.”

• Caroline’s family has started fundraising for Great Oaks Hospice.