A RETIRED teacher from Aylburton has received a community order after being caught with almost 1,300 indecent images of children on his computer.

A judge told Robin Powley that he would be imprisoned if he commits similar offences in future.

Gloucester Crown Court was told yesterday (Tuesday) Powley has lost his home because of his offences and is now living in his car.

Widower Powley, formerly of High Street, Aylburton said he had downloaded the images because 'curiosity got the better of me, and that's about it.' Powley pleaded guilty to making 13 Category A images of children – the most serious – eight Category B images and 1,277 of Category C between April 30 and May 10 last year. He was sentenced to an 18 month community order with a requirement to attend 40 rehabilitation activity sessions and pay prosecution costs of £425. Judge Rupert Lowe told him :"I know you have lost your accommodation as a result of these offences and I do not consider, bearing in mind your age, that any further punitive element is appropriate." Prosecutor Alexander Greenwood said "As a result of information received, the National Crime Agency had cause to investigate Mr Powley, a 74 year old former teacher. "A police officer attended his home address on May 11 2023 and arrested him on suspicion of having indecent images of children. A number of devices were seized from his home and were forensically examined. "A number of images were found on an e-book. There were thirteen Category A images which included a female child between the age of 18 months and 3 years. There were eight Category B images, one of them a 12-14 year old girl with a naked male in close proximity to her. "The 1,277 Category C images included naked children aged between 7 and 9.  "There were a further 3,148 images which the police deemed as borderline and have not brought charges." Mr Greenwood said when Powley was interviewed by police he said he thought all the images he had downloaded were of the lowest Category and he was not aware they were illegal because he presumed that if they were his internet provider would have blocked them. "He said he viewed them out of curiosity and fantasy and no more. "Of the Category C images he said he found them 'cute.' He denied being sexually attracted to children...he looked at them because he thought they were nice." Powley was not legally represented in court and told the judge he was content not to have a lawyer because "I have pleaded guilty and I don't think there is a need for an adversarial battle.' He added "Simple curiosity got the better of me and that's about it. As far as the Category A images are concerned I have got no recollection of searching for that sort of stuff. "They just popped up.  A lot of the stuff was hidden behind innocent sounding titles." The judge asked "You know better now, don't you?" Powley replied "I certainly do." The judge said he 'had to raise a slight eyebrow' at Powley's claim that he did not have a sexual interest in children. "That's what they all say," said the judge. "I think you could benefit from some probation service input. If we ever see you here again you may end up going to prison which would be a great shame and a waste at your age. The prisons are full anyway but that is what you risk if you ever do this again. You must not." The judge then asked if it was correct that Powley had lost his accommodation because of his offences and was now living in his car. Powley confirmed it was correct and was then asked by the judge to write down his email address and mobile phone number so the probation service could contact him. The judge told him to 'wrte clearly please, not in an English teacher's handwriting!" Powley said he is waiting to see the local housing authority in the hope of getting accommodation.  Considering whether to order Powley to pay prosecution costs, the judge asked him what his financial position was and Powley replied that he was 'reasonably comfortable.' The judge gave him 56 days to pay the £425 costs.