NEWENT residents were pleased to get their Post Office back last week when a new branch opened at the town’s Spar shop. 

The “local style” branch was announced in February after the closure of the old premises on Church Road without replacement left residents without any banking services. 

The old Post Office closed on Christmas Eve after the post master resigned and withdrew the premises for use.

The Spar is run by by local family convenience store business, Pollyphil Family Stores, who also run shops in Evesham and Worcester.

Newent Town Councillor and Forest Council Chair Julia Gooch previously commented on the relocation: “It’s great news and a relief to many residents that the town will have a post office service.”

She added: “The owners of Spar, Polly and Phil, operate post offices in two of their other stores.

“Thank you Polly and Phil for ending all the months of uncertainty.”

The opening hours of the new branch are Monday to Saturday: 8am – 9pm; Sunday: 9am – 6pm.

That is an additional 35 hours of Post Office service a week per week compared to the old branch, including all day Sunday and Saturday afternoon. 

A similar range of products and services are available, with the addition of National Lottery, but Passport Check and Send is no longer being offered.