PROMISING environmentalists from Five Acres High School , have been getting behind a plastic-free Coleford campaign, which was launched at this year’s Coleford Music Festival.

The pilot project, which is a joint initiative between Coleford Town Council and the Forest of Dean District Council, is investigating how the use of single-use plastics can be reduced in the town.

Typically, single-use products include plastic drinks bottles, straws, cutlery and takeaway food containers, including Styrofoam trays, but these are just the tip of the plastic problem.

Students at Five Acres were invited to design a logo for the campaign, with the winning motif being created by Savannah James.

Ellena Brackston and Amy Cooke were also highly commended for their designs.

Bekki Smith, teacher and Student Voice leader at Five Acres High said “The school is very proud to be part of the Plastic Free Coleford campaign.

“The Student Voice team has seen recent news reports and television programmes about the effect that plastic can have on the environment and on marine life and Five Acres High School students wanted to be proactive in helping find solutions to those single-use plastics used in our daily lives.”