In recent parliamentary discussions, Ross-on-Wye's MP Jesse Norman, currently serving as Minister for the Secretary of Transport, hinted at potential plans for passengers to carry larger volumes of liquids onto flights. This came in response to a query from Jim Shannon, the Shadow DUP Spokesperson for Human Rights and Health.

Mr Shannon asked the Secretary of State for Transport about the current assessments on the limits of liquid volumes that passengers may carry onto a flight. In his response, Mr Norman emphasised the high standard of aviation security in the UK, stating it's among the highest in the world.

The UK has among the highest aviation security standards in the world. UK airports are currently upgrading their security equipment, which is expected to offer the opportunity for passengers to be able carry larger volumes of liquids when travelling.

MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire Jesse Norman MP

Mr Norman further revealed that UK airports are in the process of upgrading their security equipment. This advancement could potentially allow passengers to carry larger amounts of liquids when travelling. This statement offers a promising hint towards an upcoming relaxation in travel restrictions, potentially leading to a more convenient flight experience for UK travellers. However, the specific details and implementation timeline for this change remain to be disclosed.