Newnham caravans removal order appealed

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Monday 13th June 2022 11:00 am
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The council passed enforcement action in January on the nearby Bullo Pill Dock (pictured), which they were told was owned by the same landowner as the Callow Cottage site (Colin Howley/Flickr )

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AN appeal has been lodged with the council against enforcement action to remove static caravans from a dockyard near Newnham.

Forest Council planning officers discovered that riverside land at Callow Cottage, Ruddle, had three unauthorised static caravans on it in May last year, including one with decking which was being lived in.

There was also a moored boat and another two on the riverbank, while an “unauthorised” boat yard was being used for storage of machinery and old craft.

Enforcement action to remove the caravans was approved by council planners in December.

They also passed enforcement action in January on the nearby Bullo Pill Dock site, which they were told was owned by the same landowner and being used as a residential site by as many as 16 unauthorised static caravans, touring caravans, camper vans, house barges and boats, as well as a metal foundry.

An appeal against the Callow Cottage order has been made to the planning inspector by Darren Larkham and the executors of the estate of Fred Larkham.

Councillors were told by planning officers earlier this year: “A complaint was received regarding the alleged stationing of a large mobile home at the entrance of the property and a caravan park hidden by the river.

“On May 4, 2020 a site inspection took place. The owner was met on site and three static caravans were identified on site, one being occupied for residential use. A letter ordering their removal was sent two days later, but last November, 18 months on, they were still on site and enforcement action was passed.

“The only justification the landowner has provided to the council was given informally in conversation, where it was claimed that the residential accommodation is needed for work associated with the static caravan owner’s boats,” said a report.

“It is noteworthy that the owner also owns and operates Bullo Dock approximately 1.3km to the south of this location on the western side of the River Severn.

“The site has no authorised use as a boat yard. The lack of planning history for the site suggests the use of the land is agricultural and it has no permitted use as a dock yard.”


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