Newland Parish Council are organising a series of meetings during February to draw up a new Parish Plan which would guide their activities in the next five year period and beyond.

The Council set up meetings in a similar way in 2007 and those councillors who are still active in the present council felt it was a very worthwhile and productive way of consulting with and getting feedback from residents in the Parish.

The meetings will be held in consecutive weeks in the three main centres of the Parish and residents are warmly invited to come and share their views and comments about issues that they feel are important to them. Each meeting will be open between 10.00am and 4.00pm. They are not formalised sit-down meetings but open-to-everyone opportunities to write down their comments on paper and chat to councillors who will be in attendance.

The council want as many people to come and share their comments so that the Parish Plan reflects views from a wide cross-section of local communities – and so everyone is welcome even if you only have a short amount of time free. You can drop in at any time during the day.

The meetings are arranged for:

Saturday, 10th February in Clearwell Memorial Hall, (already taken place).

Saturday, 17th February in Newland Village Room

and Sunday, 25th February in Redbrook Village Hall

Teas and light refreshments will be freely available.

After the meetings have taken place, the Council will use the collective comments to devise a questionnaire which will then go out to all residents in Newland Parish and when the data from these have been collated, the Council will publish its Parish Plan report in due course.

If you would like any more information about this, please contact the council’s clerk, Richard Crighton at: [email protected]