CIVIC leaders have quashed plans to install a shared cycle path near Newent Lake due to fears it would be used as a ’racetrack for small motorcycles’.

Newent Cycling Group proposed a multi-user path along the Jubilee Walk which could be used by all members of the community.

However, Newent Town Council refused to support the scheme for the second time this year.

Councillor Mary Duncan said: “In dreamland it’s a very nice idea but nobody is going to want take their kids to school along that path.

“It will be used by young people on their mopeds because it will be a nice hard surface to race along.”

Linda Cox, a spokersperson for the cycling group said they were extremely disappointed by the decision but was grateful for the support received by some of the councillors.

She said: “I think there is a fear of doing anything that may upset some people in the town."

Craig Lawton, district councillor for Oxenhall and Newent North East, said: "I’m extremely disappointed in what appears to have been a very short-sighted approach from some town councillors.

"Newent Cycling Group have made a real effort to try and improve our town and bring something new and exciting that can also have huge health benefits.

“Unfortunately those plans have been rejected by hear-say and scaremongering over unfounded concerns.

"If town councillors look outside of the Forest they will see the rest of the UK is moving forward. If they are not careful we will be stuck in the past."