The Forest of Dean Camera Club had a visit from a renowned local photographer to round off their 2023/24 season. 

James Kelly-Smith presented his work and gave a talk called ‘Another View’ to an audience of over 40 people. 

He started photography in 2020 while living in Bristol but has since spent many hours photographing the Forest of Dean, the Wye Valley and the Brecon Beacons. 

James produces atmospheric photos, often misty mornings, and sunrises, but he explained that a lot of planning goes into producing the results he wants to achieve. 

He has three different weather apps so that he can monitor the best conditions to achieve the mood he wants. Checking for humidity, ground and air temperatures, mist or fog and the direction of the sunrise in relation to his subject matter. He visits and then revisits places when the weather conditions are different. James explained that sometimes you have only a moment when that shaft of light just lines up with an old church window and creates that magical moment. 

He finished the evening with six easy tips for any photographers: Just get out, know your camera, make use of dull days as well, embrace the inconvenience of early mornings/late nights, revisit places and just enjoy it.