LINTON village postmaster Brian Squires has given the local community a first-class service for over 45 years.

Last week the spritely pensioner decided that he’d been pushing the envelope for far too long and stepped down from his role.

Brian said: “I’m having difficulty in recalling all the technical requirements needed to run the Post Office.

“A few years ago I did everything on ’automatic pilot’ without having to think too much about it, but the grey matter is not what it was and old age is creeping up with me and doing the simplest of tasks is now taking a lot more time than it should.

“I closed the Post Office without any ceremony or fuss at 5.30pm on June 7.

“A minute later there was a knock at the door and the whole community had descended on my doorstep and presented me with a commemoration stamp, designed by Clare Hodgson, on the front of a large card which had been signed by everyone.

“I was so touched by village’s generosity, I genuinely thought I was going to slip into retirement without any fuss. I am glad I didn’t.”

For his devoted service Mr Squires was presented with a Leavers Award by field change advisor Neil Jenkins who said: “Brian could quite possibly have been our oldest Postmaster.

"I am grateful to have this opportunity to personally and publicly thank Brian, who has been a great servant to this village.

"He’s worked at the church, helped with meals on wheels for many years and now we have giving him this great send off.”