THE collapse of the German wind turbine manufacturer associated with the turbine proposals at Lydney and St Briavels reflects the problems in the energy market at the moment.

However, most of the 'hundreds of people' he quotes coming to see Mr Clarke's display at Lydney seemed to me to be more interested in the rugby.

If he gets a few investors rushing to make a quick profit on the renewable energy bonanza then I am sure they will think about the risks involved.

Unfortunately, although benefiting a few that can afford these investments, everyone is paying through the green tax in our energy bills.

Hence I am increasingly concerned with his project being called a Community Scale wind turbine project which gives the impression that the community owns these turbines and that they are small in size.

They are, I understand, 87m high, 18m higher than the tower of Gloucester Cathedral which is hardly something you fail to notice on the Gloucestershire landscape.

Apart from all the environmental issues our planners will have to consider with these proposals, the lasting impact, if this project were ever allowed to go ahead, will be on the quality of life of North Lydney residents who will have a huge turbine sitting over the entrance to our lovely town.

Hopefully, as this government reassesses the costs of land-based wind farms the wind of change will hit this project and others like it.

Alan Preest