IT’S absolutely Unbelievable - but it was exactly 30 years ago when a band of Forest mates rocked the world with their unforgettable song of the same name.

Cinderford’s EMF foot-stomping baggy dance anthem reached No 3 in the UK charts In December 1990 before storming charts around the world and hitting the top spot in the US.

The band, who currently feature James Atkin, DJ Milf, Ian Dench, Stevey Marsh, Derry Brownson, Mark Decloedt and Jack Stephens posted the MTV-hit video of themselves performing the dance song on their Facebook page, and said: “Happy 30th birthday, "Unbelievable!" On this date in 1990, it entered the UK charts where it would stay for 13 weeks, including six weeks in the top 10.

“It eventually peaked at #3. It would go on to become a huge hit around the world, and would reach #1 in the USA in July of 1991.”

Guitarist Ian said: “We didn’t know what Unbelievable was going to become. It was our first single, it was just meant to be sort of a taster single to get things started.

“But the most exciting thing was how that video went on to become this huge thing.

“Every time I saw it there was the Guildhall (the arts centre in Gloucester where it was filmed) being shown on MTV and wherever we went, in America and Japan and New Zealand and just everywhere, and that was very exciting.

“I’m just the luckiest person in the world really. Just how having fun with your friends became this thing and turned into a career for me.

“We did very well out of it financially, we toured the world, we just had a wonderful time.

“It’s strange looking back that we never knew that that was going to happen and what comes from just trying to make stuff happen.”

It also brought back memories of recording sessions at Mayfair Mews Studio in Primrose Hill, where the lads’ high spirits spilled over.

Former studio boss Kate Hudson posted on their Facebook page “wasn’t it the best”, and added: “When Denise told me about you guys asking for the Hoover, I KNEW there was something wrong. Xxxxx.”

The band replied: “Sorry we caused some was just hi jinx really and I think we paid for it all!”

Fans from as far afield as Australia, California and Argentina posted tributes, Angel Rogers saying: “Best song ever!! The days of going to the clubs they gigged at in London such as Kilburn and then stage diving!

“I remember travelling to London to get passenger double bubble clothing and school bags and vision street wear!

“I had the same top as James. Brings back memories seeing the clothing in the video! Was 15 at the time crazy!!”

Other fan posts included “absolute banger”, “timeless”, “what a classic”, “master piece” and “brilliant tune, packed with energy.”

Gwen Blyth added: “Whenever I hear it, it takes me back to being 15 again!! The thrill of the live show at Cambridge Junction in 1991!”

And at the other end of the country, Stevie Barr said: “30 years ago. Fat Sam’s Dundee. Support was Stereo MCs. Time flies.”

The instantly recognisable song has since been used around the world in TV ads and promotions, including for McDonalds, Kraft, Muller, Tesco, the Australian Rugby League, the Minnesota Twins and San Diego Padres baseball teams and the Chicago Wolves ice hockey team.

It has also featured in films like The Taking of Beverley Hills, Space Jam, Coyote Ugly, Johnny English, Hoodwinked, The Jacket, Zookeeper and Central Intelligence, while also featuring on games like Rock Band and Saints Row.

The band have been holding a series of online events to mark their 30th anniversary this year, including the anniversary release of a boxset.

EMF, who also hit big with the single I Believe, were initially together for eight years until 1997 and released three studio albums - Schubert Dip, Stigma and Cha Cha Cha.

Sadly, original bass player Zac Foley died in 2002, but the band reformed in 2012 and have continued to play live gigs.

They were originally booked to headline Olly Fest in Ross-on-Wye in August before the pandemic intervened, but have promised to return next year so that local fans can see them live.