I have concerns about wind farms

Wednesday 24th August 2011 10:00 pm

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SEVERAL weeks ago a large pole was erected in a field at the bottom of Forest Hills Golf Club; the field may belong to an adjoining farm. The pole which is a wind monitor used to obtain data for proposed wind farms was very quickly dismantled within less than half an hour of me making an enquiry to the district council as to whether the wind monitor had planning permission. I was told that it did not.

My understanding is that, on the September 24 there is to be a public meeting to be held at Forest Hills Golf Club for people to express their views on the possible future development of this land as a potential wind farm.

I have the following concerns:

l All development in rural areas should be well designed and inclusive, in keeping and scale with its location, and sensitive to the character of the countryside and local distinctiveness.

l Would any type of WF no matter how small be in keeping with this location? I think not!

l I feel it would be totally insensitive to the character of the countryside that we enjoy throughout the Forest of Dean and definitely detrimental to the visual amenity with regard this beautiful rural view of undulating farm land and golf course.

l I cannot see how the features of even one wind turbine would contribute towards the character of this beautiful view surely the aim of the custodians of our Dean is to preserve or enhance existing character and not to harm existing character as would be the case in this instance.

l Surely development proposals should be sympathetic to the Dean's landscape character and quality?

l It is important that the balance between economic/community benefit and enhancing the environment is dealt with sympathetically. The first objective in the open countryside should be to conserve its character, its landscape, wildlife, agriculture and recreation.

l What unacceptable harm is going to happen to this landscape, its features and its views?

l The turbines will become a key characteristic of the landscape – is this what we want for the Forest of Dean? Once a precedent is set it will open the floodgates for further Wind Farms. This may prove to be the thin end of the wedge and we all need to rally vigorously against any such development. Surely this should be contrary to the Development Plan.

l What impact will these turbines have upon residential development and, more importantly, its occupants? The noise factors to those at: Greenfield Road, Coombs Park, Woodgate, Sunnybank, Lower Lane and Five Acres will be hugely significant.

l Who wants to buy a property in close proximity to a wind farm? We are already suffering a downturn in property prices this would be the final nail.

For the record, I have nothing against wind farms per se, but in an environment that is not intrusive and will not impact on the lives of others for the monetary gain of a few.

Liz Porter



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