A GROUP of “grumpy old gits” in Newnham-on-Severn are showing (nearly) everything they’ve got in the hopes of raising funds for the community venue they call home. 

Late every Friday afternoon, a group of ‘middle-age’ men, known locally as ‘The Grumpies’, meet at the historic Newnham Club “to argue, discuss, distort, project and provoke local discourse”. 

They regularly organise events to help keep The Club going in the form of Barbecues, Curry Nights and Christmas dinners but last year, a young local women, with “a penchant for the more mature man”, provoked heated discussion when she suggested that the Grumpy’s should raise funds for The Club through the production of a semi-nude calendar. 

Initially laughed off, the suggestion was allowed to ferment and in the summer the photographic shoot began, with a dozen or so ‘Grumpy’s’ agreeing to participate. 

Their efforts have now been realised and the ‘Antiques Rogues Show’ calendars are about to go on sale to the “expectant” Newnham-on-Severn community and, the group hopes, “far beyond”.

A description of the calendar reads: “Tall, short, plump, skinny, pale, tanned, warty, hirsute, the Grumpy’s come in all shapes and sizes except ‘pretty’”. 

With an initial print run of 150, the Grumpys hope to turn their ‘Antique Rogue Show’ into “financial gold”, aiming to quadruple their investment and give all the profits to The Newnham Club.

“Whether, ‘basic’, ‘better’ or ‘best’, that certainly would make Fiona Bruce happy!” 

Visit Newnham Club on Facebook or pop into the club for more details or to purchase a calendar.