VOTERS who want a change of MP in the Forest should vote Green, says the party.

Greens in the Forest say a groundswell of support for the party in recent years, means traditional Labour voters now need to vote for Green candidate, Chris McFarling to avoid Conservative Mark Harper being returned as MP.

“The unfair electoral system, which the Tories and Labour refuse to change, means a lot of people don’t vote with their hearts at General Elections,” said Chris. 

“That used to mean Green supporters often voted Labour, hoping to get rid of the Tories. But that’s changed in the Forest.”

In last year’s local elections 28 per cent voted Green, just ahead of the Tories. Labour came last with just eight per cent of the vote. 

The Greens, who now run the district council, say support for Labour has evaporated over the last five years. 

Labour says the Greens are “deceiving” voters by using figures from the district council election.

Chris said: “The statistics make it pretty clear, winning the council elections shows how widespread Green support is here. 

“Labour point to the last General Election results, but a lot has happened in the last five years. Labour has lurched to the right and lost local support.

“Green policies appeal to all kinds of voters: Proper funding of the NHS and social care, building affordable homes, a fair tax on the super-rich, bringing water companies back into public ownership, an end of arms sales to Israel. 

“We’re offering real hope and real change.”

Labour candidate Matt Bishop said: “I’m sad that the Forest of Dean Green Party is using figures from the 2023 local election to deceive voters.  

“At that time our local Labour Party was rebuilding and did not have candidates in all seats, therefore the Greens ran unopposed in many places.  

“It is dishonest for them to use these statistics to falsely claim they are the ones to beat Mark Harper.”