GOALIE Lee Harris made a great save after rescuing a dog that fell 80ft down a cliff face near Symonds Yat.

The retained Coleford firefighter had to abseil down to reach the Jack Russell named Trixie, which had tumbled down the cliff after chasing a rabbit.

Lee, who was crowned Broadwell's First Team Player of the Year on his last season before retirement, found the dog perched on a ledge 50ft from the ground.

The rescue was put into motion at around 8pm on Sunday after Trixie's owners lost sight of her on a walk before realising what had happened.

Coleford Fire and Rescue watch manager Gordon Lambert said: "The dog had fallen around 80ft down the cliff through thick brush and had come to rest on a ledge.

"The owners told us the dog was quite calm and friendly so I told Lee to try and coax it out when he was five feet away from it.

"The dog was put in one of our rope bags and was obviously happy that someone had come to get her."

He added: "We had to put the best goalie in the Forest on the job!"

Lee, part of Coleford's rope rescue team, was supported by his colleagues and firefighters from Hereford and Worcestershire Fire and Rescue.

Trixie was reunited with her owners at the foot of the cliff and despite being hungry and dehydrated, was otherwise unharmed.

GFRS Manager Simon McMillan said: "Rescuing an animal that may be injured or just very scared is always a delicate operation.

"The cliff rescue team specialises in rescues like this and I'm pleased that Trixie managed to escape uninjured."