LOCAL climate activists hit the streets once again over the weekend to encourage people to join a protest against the “inadequate response” of world governments to rising global emissions.

The Forest of Dean Extinction Rebellion (XR) Samba Band made themselves heard in Lydney town centre on Saturday (February 18) and in Gloucester on Sunday (February 19), ahead of a national XR protest in London in April.

The group are appealing to people to respond to the realization that global emissions continue to rise, and that despite frequent warnings from the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, and leading climate scientists, governments around the world “are not taking the radical action that is necessary to avoid catastrophic situations fast enough.”

The Forest samba band paraded through Lydney to garner support ahead of the protest and encourage people to express their concerns, both about climate change and other issues like the cost of living crisis, to their political representatives.

In exchanges with members of the public in Lydney and Gloucester, XR FoD members were able to share XR’s main aims: to “tell the truth” about the climate and ecological crisis, “act now” to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions, and “decide together” on fair solutions via Citizen’s Assemblies.

The group is also making the public aware that while tactics that XR felt “necessary to employ to get sufficient attention,” like blocking roads during protests, will not now be used, mass protests will still be organized to “demand stronger action” from all governments.

Many shared their “appreciation” of the group’s action to engage with the public, with one person commenting: “Thanks for making the effort to be out listening to people.”

One person in Gloucester said: “The inequality is a disgrace. I know people who are crying because they can’t pay their bills. And the climate problems are really worrying me.”

Anyone interested in getting involved with XR FoD’s activities locally, or in traveling to London for the protest on the weekend of April 21-24, should email [email protected].