THE FOREST of Dean District Council has issued advice about garden waste collections for this year.

Residents hoping to receive 2024-2025 collections still have time to apply by accessing the online portal. The licence costs £55 and it covers an annual subscription from April 1 2024 to March 31 2025.

The garden waste licence is a sticker which needs to be displayed on your green wheelie bin to be collected. 

Forest of Dean District Council says residents should try to ensure the bins are dry before placing the sticker on. Any bins without the garden waste licence sticker will not be collected.

Collections are fortnightly and bins need to be out on the kerbside by 7am.

The Council also reminded residents what they can and cannot put into their garden waste bins. Acceptable things include:

  • Grass cuttings 

  • Leaves, bark and tree pruning

  • Twigs and small branches 

  • Tree stumps

  • Bedding from rabbits and guinea pigs

  • Cut flowers 

  • Plants and weeds 

Unacceptable things for your bin include: 

  • Bricks, stones or soil

  • Turf

  • Plastic bags, pots or seed trays

  • Cat and dog faeces

  • Herbicides and pesticides

  • Noxious weeds such as Japanese Knotweed or Ragwort

  • Fencing and posts

  • Cardboard or paper

  • Metal or glass

The Forest of Dean District Council has also warned about using the bins for food waste. “It is important you do not put your food waste into your garden waste bin.

“We do not collect food waste that has been presented in green garden waste bins because it needs to be treated using a different treatment process, which complies with the Animal by-products regulations to stop future outbreaks of diseases such as Foot and Mouth. 

“Any garden waste which is contaminated with food waste will not be collected and you will have to separate it out before the next collection,”warned a council spokesman.

Residents are advised to check updates about collections via the council’s social media pages or website. You can check your collection day online or by contacting 01594 810000.